Those words above…have you said it today, how often do you say it?

Something happened recently that reminded me of so many reasons I should be thankful.

I prayed to God for something so much, all that while I never doubted that He will do it. The next day that prayer was answered. I was overjoyed. Then my mum reminded us to thank God in prayer. Suddenly, I realized how I nearly forgot to thank my God in prayer.

Was it because I knew the prayer would be answered?

What I just related happens even in our relationships with other humans….we expect our parents or guardians to do certain things for us, and that’s okay. The issue comes when it’s something they usually do, sometimes we might forget to say thank you. I have.

So today, I want to be more alert to ways I can be more grateful. To be more thankful to my family, to good friends and to God.

I am starting with being grateful for the good things that will and have happened today. Starting with this post, I am thankful that I could put it out today.

Cheesy right?😅

So, let me know…what are you thankful for today?

I would love to know.💜

It’s our Anniversary🥳 plus some other random talk


Yesterday marked two years of blogging on WordPress. I can say I am delighted even downright gleeful🤗.

Special thanks to all who have taken their time to read my posts these past two years. I really really appreciate it. I love you guys.

Okay, down to business

This post wouldn’t be complete without some message I guess.

So have decided to share the highs and the lows I have experienced with my blogging.

I never felt my blogging was good enough.

One big obstacle was my fear that it was never good enough. So I wouldn’t share my articles with friends or on other social media platforms. A conversation I had with someone showed me that my fear was an underlying problem. It was about an essay I wrote back in high school. I was reluctant to share it with her. Then she told me point blank “you felt it wasn’t good enough right?”

The next thing she told me was I was my own biggest fan. That I can’t sell what I didn’t have faith in. That I had to believe in what I could and have done, then others will see how great what I have is.

Those words still ring in my head. So, whatever skill or talent you have, be your own biggest cheerleader. You don’t have to be boastful about it. The thing we don’t know is that with talent comes confidence. The confidence to convince people that you are the real deal. To convince them why they should when there are many other choices.

Be your biggest cheerleader.


We all know how inconsistent I can be. Mostly cause I let the stress of school and life ( yeah life can be quite stressful) to erode into my blogging time. Hopeful this is something I continue to work on. The only way is up!

Now I get to share the highs💃

1) Never give up on what you love. The truth is no matter how challenging the road will be, if you truly have a passion for something, you’ll find a way around it.

2) It takes lots and lots of hardwork, time and energy. Be ready to put in all that.

3) Look out for people you can look up to in your field. I just did. I discovered her on the gram.

And she is amazing. I love drawing but lately I have been rather slack with it. She has pushed me to be better.

4) Creativity should always find you working. One nugget I learnt from her.

Thanks for reading my Tedtalk. Fin

Please stay safe and stay at home. Much love from this side💜

Tell me how are you spending your time these days?

I would love to know.

Don’t Wait!

Yesterday at work, something terrible happened that made me realise how temporary life is, how minute those small disagreements I have with others really are and how life is too short to hold on to grudges.


It doesn’t leave clues or signs just pain and a mountain load of regret.

We are left wondering why we never told them we loved them more often…

Or why we didn’t hug our loved ones more…

Or why we didn’t listen more…

Or why we never ironed out our issues…

The truth however is we could never have known. Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a guilt trip but rather a call to action to;

love fiercely,

love with no reservations,

love unconditionally,

love like each day was the last day we would spend with them.

Recently, I saw a movie about a woman who gave her daughter up for adoption. After many years the daughter reached out to her on many occasions but the woman never picked up the calls. Her excuse?

She was waiting for the right time.

There will never be a right time, all we have is NOW. So, love your family and friends like each day is the last.

Please if you are reading this, DON’T WAIT!!!

Say it now, Do it now, Love now!

P.S: Please stay safe.😘


Hope for the best

Ever judged someone as mean or cold just to find out the person is just really kindhearted?Maybe you met him or her in a wrong situation? Maybe he/she was having a bad day?I have learnt that I shouldn’t judge just based on that one time experience with a person. You never know what one is going through. So, hope for the best in people!Remember, that moment doesn’t determine the entirety of the individual’s personality. Some people might just seem cold and all, but under those walls lies a beautiful heart. So, take your time to know people and hope for the best in them!My little nugget learnt from the week. Xoxo


I have decided to cut some people off…this is something I should have done earlier. I feel terrible, though, but I know it’s for the best. I have tried to be nice, caring and all, but the response has always been drama, negativity and jealousy from the other end. I don’t know why I waited so long, the writing was clear on the wall.

Maybe I was hoping I was wrong, that I misunderstood them, or I misinterpreted their actions. Right now, at this moment, I feel it’s enough, no more pretending that I still care. It’s best we go our separate ways, I have concluded.

I feel detoxified.

Leaving those relationships in the past where they belong is the best for me right now. I won’t lie that I am okay, I still feel sad about it that I cry. But I will be alright. These kind of experiences makes one stronger. We can’t have everything, or everyone. Sometimes, we lose some to win some( as @soyesoul will say) and she’s right!!! plus she’s an awesome writer

Imagine you were friends with every Dick and Harry. Will you feel fulfilled? Will you know the ones who truly treasure you?Who don’t say mean stuff behind you?

I say, the smaller the circle, the better. I don’t need to be loved and accepted by everyone.

Here is to my leaving toxicity behind in fact running from it!…LOL

But truth be told, we all want REAL people around us.

No negativity

No drama

No Jealousy


May all the real friends find you and you them. Have a lovely week ahead.

Love, boli_bobo

Putting things in perspective

Lately, I discovered I have been doing too many stuff at the same time, trying to juggle so many interests simultaneously, that I am left burnt out.

I love working hard but it’s necessary to take breaks every now and then. Instead of giving myself some well-deserved me time, I would put it off till I have accomplished another goal. I didn’t realize this was unhealthy until my friends and family started complaining…and I started seeing the negative signs. I wasn’t giving my best in the important things..worse I wasn’t enjoying my life, it was monotonous, dry and any other word to describe how tiring it was.

Now, I’m trying to balance it all cause all work and no play makes Bola a very unhappy girl..Lol

So is there a movie you have been wanting to see? or that new restaurant you’ve been asked several times to try out? GO! Don’t put it off on the excuse of being busy. These little breaks do a lot of good in the long run. If you’re not the outdoor person like me, no worries, is there a book you’ve always wanted to read? Read it!

The key I have come to find out, really, is balance.

So take those breaks people and have a lovely week ahead!

With lots of love,


Product review!


It’s a product review!! The product is the Oriflame pure skin set. Honestly, I have always been a bit skeptical of these kind of products. But it worked wonders guys.

I have been struggling with very oily skin and its associated problems for a while. My sweet aunt noticed this and gifted the set to me. She is a darling!

Day one, I was already looking out for results. Lol! So impatient. But by the second week, I noticed that my skin tone was getting even. No more dark patches plus a glowing face.

PS; It’s used only on the face.

To clear up gray areas on how it should be used, we will be going through each product in the set.

First, the face mask + complementary scrub

So, you have the liquid for the face mask in the sachets which you apply and leave for a few minutes. But I sleep with mine mostly cause I forget. I really loved the smell and loved that it was really easy to wash off. You can use this alone before moving on the bottled face scrub.

Second is the face toner

This comes in a bottle and is applied with cotton wool on the face. It tones the skin and tightens pores. It also contains pomengrate extracts. It had this refreshing feel to it and my face felt really good.

Third is the mattifying face lotion.

I sweat a lot so applying lotion on my face doesn’t really work for me. My face gets all mushy when exposed to heat. I knew I had to apply the lotion so I used very little especially when I was going to bed. If you have a similar issues you could try that.

Lastly, we have got the same face scrub mentioned above.

This time it’s in a bigger container. You just have to squeeze it out and voila! Just a little will work.

I can proudly say my face never felt and looked this good!

If you live in Nigeria, you can get this product from an oriflame agent through this number 08135276983. WhatsApp or Calls only

It’s pouring outside, that means a cozy night for me. Xo

Love, boli_bobo